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Spring/Summer 2006

Visiting Connecticut (Granne and Farmor) in April, Ciára gets to visit the brook that runs through their property.  Throwing rocks is one of her favorite things.

Ciára is accompanied by Maja, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (Ciára calls her "Puppy De Maya", like "Cinco de Mayo").  Although Ciára was afraid of the dog when she was younger, she now loves to play chase and fetch with her.

After a long day, Ciára is about ready to fall asleep in Dad's lap.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to a nearby Alpaca farm, where Ciára got to pet the animals and take home a small (stuffed) version.

Gymboree is one of Ciára's favorite places.  Here she does her impersonation of a dolphin trapped in a net (Anyone else watch "The Wonder Pets")?

Ciára received this dress for her 3rd birthday from her Granne.

During her birthday party, Ciára and her best friend Melanie amuse each other (and annoy us) with their new whistles.

Ciára is ready to look for Easter eggs as part of a neighborhood get-together.

At a fly-in in Pennsylvania, Ciára eyes a custom cake.  We were all impressed that she didn't try to touch it.

One of the many things Dad brought home from the Oshkosh Airshow was this pink "Girls Fly" jumpsuit for Ciára, complete with First Officer insignia.

Ciára took a trip to the Zoo in early August with Mom and Dad and friends Terry and Connor Beck.  One of the star attractions was the baby panda.

She was also impressed by the Giraffe

What really made her day, though, was when Ciára saw the elephants, or as she calls them (Thanks to Winnie the Pooh), "Heffalumps!"

The prairie dogs were a big hit.

On a hot day, it was nice to cool off by the waterfall.

The National Zoo has a play area for kids with a giant pizza, to teach them about milk and cheese and veggies (there's a garden nearby as well as cows in a barn).  So here Ci
ára climbs up on a large tomato.  Since they didn't have any pigs, there was no bacon or sausage for the pizza.

Friend Connor gives Ciára a hand keeping her balance on the tomato.

And of course no visit is complete without a souvenir.  On the train home Ciára shows off her dinosaur mask and her pink flamingo purse.

A recent generous gift was Ciára's first "big girl" bed, from her Granne Anne and Farmor Annita.  It's beautiful, but tall, so Dad built a railing "just in case". Ci
ára slept the whole night through her first night, and conked out for an afternoon nap on the weekend.

Ciára is fast asleep.  We're starting a betting pool on how old she'll be when she's too tall for a standard twin bed.  For now this one is plenty big.

Ciára also got a new fall wardrobe from Granne Anne and Farmor Annita, and is putting on her own fashion show.


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